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About Camellia-Creative

     There are many facets to Camellia-Creative but under ONE roof is a creative couple using their God-given gifts and talents.   Camellia-Creative owners, Steven and Angie Turner, are involved in many different areas of creativity.  Steven Turner has an interior design and furniture design degree and is an artist and musician.  Angie has a law degree and represents creative businesses and clients from around the country but also paints and is a regular featured speaker at creative conferences.  Both owned and operated a wholesale gift company for over 10 years selling Angie's designs on over 80 products.  Their love for each other and desire to work together made Camellia-Creative a natural progression. 


What Will You Find Inside Camellia-Creative?

  • Full Interior Decorating and Design Services

  • Art Classes and Lectures Taught By Local and Artist from Around the US

  • Gift Products Exclusively Designed by Steven and Angie Turner

                        Below are links to Angie and Steven's other Creative Businesses!  

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